7 bands Drone jammer 400mhz ~6ghz 4.8kg weight 1000m jamming range

the anti-drone system only 3.5kg

The equipment adopts advanced digital source jamming technology and is developed according to the characteristics of UAV signal communication (different from analog technology and DDS Technology). It has the advantages of smaller volume, higher integration, lighter weight, and better interference effect.

Advantages of this digital source anti-drone gun :

  • Multi bands cover from 400mhz to 6ghz all kinds of drones include 
  • Used the latest anti-drone technology named digital source jamming technology which different from VCO or DDS (digital source jammer can well work on all latest drones eg DJI Mavic 3)
  • Jamming range up to 1500m 
  • weight only 3.5kg

Machine weight≤3.5kG
Overall size
Working frequency1171-1381 MHz   400-465 MH   860-930 MHz
 1570-1620 MHz 2400-2500 MHz  5725-5875 MHz
Supply voltage range21-29.4V
Operating ambient temperature-25~55°C
Jamming sourceDigital jamming source
Antenna 3 pcs
Jamming rangeupto 1000m
Jamming techdigital jamming technology(Not DDS/Analaog)
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