400mhz to 5.8ghz Backpack digital drone jammer slayer upto 3000M

If you want anti DJI mavic 3 all kinds of drones well-try digital drone jammer

drone jammer detector
This is a digital source drone jammer with much higher performance than analog and DDS jammers

Anti-drone technology can also be used to create virtual "no-fly" zones, which can prevent drones from entering sensitive areas, or even trigger an alarm if a drone enters an unauthorized area. This can be used to prevent spying or potentially dangerous activities, and can provide an extra layer of security that is invaluable in many situations.

This anti drone system Frequency cover from 400mhz to 6ghz(In the same type of machine, its performance is the best ):

Transmitting power(68W±2dBm)

Jamming range :3000M for direction mode,upto 1500M for omni direction mode
Main functions of equipment
1.Display function
Display the current battery level of the device
Display the current working temperature of the device
Display the current working status of each jamming frequency band of the device (whether the transmission power of each frequency band is normal and whether the standing wave of each antenna is normal)

2.Alarm function
When the working time of the device battery power is 5-15 minutes, the alarm is issued, but the device is not shut down

When the transmit power of the Jamming frequency band is abnormal, an alarm is issued and the corresponding working frequency band of the device is shut down

When the antenna standing wave is abnormal, alarm and close the corresponding working frequency band of the device

When the working temperature of the device exceeds 70±5°C, an alarm is issued and the device is shut down

3.Alarm indication function
4.Each band operation function
5.Working mode switching function  :Directional working mode or omnidirectional working mode selection key

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