Manpack 6 bands digital drone jammer

We use the most advanced digital jamming technology, which is different from the traditional analog / DDS technology

That a light weight manpack drone jammer anti drone device ,Its advantages are small size, light weight (less than 8KG), long interference distance (more than 1Km), more frequency of coverage (6 bands), less radiation, and can effectively anti all kinds of drones,only need 2 antennas

Digital jamming source

Why choose us

We have been producing jammers for 15 years and have the latest digital jamming technology

The classification of UAV jamming technology

1.the use of traditional analog VCO technology interference devices
2.the use of DDS technology interference devices
3.the use of pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology equipment (Digital source technology)

1, Analog VCO interference technology working principle:
Analog VCO, also known as voltage-controlled oscillator, to exert an external fixed voltage, can produce a voltage corresponding to a certain RF frequency of the CW signal, commonly known as point-frequency signal. When the external voltage changes continuously, it is possible to output a CW signal whose frequency changes continuously.
Using VCO interference technology, commonly known as swept interference. Through the VCO output continuously changes the radio frequency signal, with the interference frequency collision, causes the communication system the SNR deterioration, thus realizes the disturbance goal.

2, DDS interference technology works:
DDS is a direct digital frequency synthesizer, from the physical sense, DDS is a digital discrete analog VCO. The interference mode and the analog VCO is the same. But also by sweeping the way, and the interference frequency collision, in order to achieve deterioration of the communication system SNR .

3, pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology works:
Through the digital encoding, through the FPGA, make a certain bandwidth of the noise signal. Making the whole communication system is full of noise within the bandwidth, deterioration of the communication system SNR, to achieve their goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Common jamming technology

1, Analog VCO technology:

  • The design is simple
  • low cost
  • short development cycle
  • It requires large power, large volume, large heat output and poor effect

2.DDS technology(Based on VCO analog technology)

  • More complex than VCO analog technology
  • High cost
  • Longer development cycle than VCO Technology
  • Better effect than VCO Technology
  • Can be programmed, can select the specified band bandwidth, can allocate power
  • Because based on VCO analog technology, the jamming mode is single

3.Digital source jamming technology

  • The design includes hardware and software Pure digital signal source
    High cost
  • Long production cycle(Digital programming and hardware design take time)
  • Perfect performance (Depends on hardware design and software programming)
  • Small size, light weight, low power consumption

Different jamming modes can be loaded at the same time (Multiple jamming modes superposition)

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