Integrated Digital anti-drone system jammer Module for 2000m

Digital anti-drone system Drone jammer gun module

Are you worried about drones invading your privacy? Introducing our latest and most advanced anti-drone system jamming module range. With a range of up to 2000 meters, this system can easily disrupt any drone flying in the area. Ideal for airports, prisons, or other high-security locations, our system is guaranteed to keep you safe and protected from unwanted drone flyovers.

This is a palm-sized anti-drone system module, which integrates 1.5ghz, 2.4ghz, and 5.8ghz frequency bands adopt the latest digital jamming source technology, and have a performance ten times that of analog jamming modules with the same power (jamming distance: 1.5km to 2km, 1:10). In addition, it has the following advantages:

  • In terms of power supply, it supports broad voltage input (21-29.4V) and has a boost and voltage stabilization system. Even when the external battery supply voltage is low, it can still ensure the full power output of the module.
  • In terms of heat dissipation, the all-in-one radiator is used, and because of its relatively small power consumption, it can support long-term work.
  • In terms of stability and reliability, the module has temperature alarm and low power alarm functions, which can automatically protect each frequency band of the module even in harsh use environments.
  • In terms of performance, digital modulation is used to generate jamming signals, which are targeted to be used in the field of UAV jamming, so as to achieve a longer jamming distance with lower jamming power.
  • The integrated design integrates all interference frequency bands. It achieves simpler wiring and control mode on the premise of meeting smaller sizes, so as to facilitate customer installation and wiring control
Anti-drone system drone jammer gun Module
Anti-drone system drone jammer gun Module

Anti-drone system drone jammer gun Module Working frequency:

  1. 5G:1559~1607MHz 2.4G:2400~2484MHz 5.8G:5725~5850MHz
  2. Interference source form: Digital interference source
  3. Transmission power: 36±2dBm@1559~1607MHz  36±2dBm@2385~2485MHz 33±2dBm@5725~5825MHz
  4. Effective interference distance remote control:≥2000m 1:1  satellite navigation:≥2000 meters
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