ManPack Drones jammer gun Multi-band Drones receiver Blocker


I liked a @YouTube video from @cts2001 Drone jammer-Drones killer long range upto 1000M for all drones

CTS Technology Introduces Anti-Drone System to Provide Protection against …

The engineers of C.T.S Technology have designed a user-friendly and easily manageable Drone Jammer gun that can provide an effective protection against drones, trying to interfere with the safety, security and privacy of military installations. Technology ..

ManPack Drones jammer gun blocker kits were designed by CTS engineers to provide effective protection against drones all remote controlled wireless kits.

How to used Drones jammer gun ?
• System with its user friendly Tactical Hand Control Unit can easily be operated and managed.
• The system can easily be used as a vehicular, stationary or portable jammer blocker with relevant accessories within the flexible utilization concept. The system provides effective protection in every kind of usage areas, transportation and deployment with relevant accessories.
• ManPack Drones jammer blocker can easily be mounted to any vehicle in a short time without permanent modification to be used as a vehicle jammer blocker.
• Manpack jammer blocker kits can easily be used both in the hand case as a portable jammer blocker and on trolley.
• Custom design options.

Jammer Technical Specifications
Frequency Range : GPSL1-GPSL2-2.4G-5.8G-433MHZ(Frequency can customized)
Output:80~100W can customized
Weight : From 13 kg to 17 kg (manpack configuration without battery)
Operation Period : Long Battery Life(battery options are available)
• Module Selection
• Built-in Test
• VSWR Protection
• RF Protection Kit

Drones jammer Accessories

• Carrying Cases
• Trolley
• Antenna is option (we have Omnidirectional antenna and direction antenna)
• sight

Drones Jamming-500W portable 433Mhz/2.4G/5.8G/GPS Jammers


C.T.S Developed a Long Distance Drone Jammer

C.T.S specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative jamming for the wireless communications that are valuable for counter-terrorism, security and defense industries. They recently have developed a long distance drone jammer that can hit objects at a distance of up to 1000 meters. China, October 29, 2015 – The unmanned …
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